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The purpose of FL CAN is to generate public support for sensible cannabis policies and to assist in the implementation thereof; to provide a forum for the public to speak out on this issue of national social concern; to educate the public regarding the consequences of cannabis prohibition and to raise funds to promote these civic purposes.
Florida Cannabis Action Network was re-organized in April 2011 to bring a professional, pragmatic approach to changing cannabis laws in the state. Under the leadership of Cathy Jordan, a patient whose personal use of cannabis has allowed her to survive ALS for over 27 years, and a dedicated Board of Directors, FL CAN is once again taking its place as a leading voice for reform.

In 2011, under the direction of veteran drug policy reformer, Jodi James serving as Executive Director, FL CAN:
• Allied with Americans for Safe Access to produced a two-day leadership workshop in Melbourne.
• Provided leadership to the Tallahassee press conference introducing the first Florida medical cannabis bill since 1978.
• Spoke to the Florida Green Party State Convention about opportunities to unite behind cannabis policies.
• Participated with Students for Sensible Drug Policy in a memorial vigil marking the 40 year anniversary of the War on Drugs.
• Introduced the Real Refom Act program to encourage supporters to take direct action though online actions and tips for making the news.
• Sheparded a resolution supporting medical cannabis through the Democratic Women's Club of Florida.
• Created an opportunity for Floridians to learn about medical cannabis through
• Spear-headed a public awareness festival in Gainesville that drew over 1000 people, produced radio and newsprint coverage.
• Directed the two-day Cannabis Freedom Festival anniversary show garnering 5000 attendees from a multi-media promotional campaign.
• Gave our donors the love through a wonderful holiday card in addition to regular communications, advanced notices and special thanks!
• Increased our online subscribers from under 700 to over 4,000 unique e-mails between August and December through action alerts.
January 2012 found FL CAN parlaying Jodi James' training and experience into political capital by sending her to Tallahassee for the legislative session. A House bill and Senate companion were filed prior the beginning of session giving reformers a platform. Florida Cannabis Action Network used this opportunity to increase its e-mail list by over 4000 supporters in 30 days. We generated thousands of letters to committee members. These letters generated discussion among lawmakers and opened the door for Jodi's daily meetings. She documented her impressions of the process in our blog, After Thoughts.

In 2012, we have:
• Met with members of the Florida House and Senate committee leadership educating them on the benefits of cannabis.
• Increased our online supporter list 1000 percent since August 2011.
• Created a membership organization with over 100 donors ranging from 5-5,000 dollars.
• Delivered two petitions to the Office of the Governor on behalf of Florida patients and caregivers.
• Represented Florida at Patients Out of Time conference on cannabis medicine.
• Met with the Governor's Office of Budget and Policy, Chief Policy Advisor on Public Safety.
• Identified primary candidates attitudes on sensible cannabis reforms and published a Voter's Guide.
• Launched FLHemp, an initiative to rally support for industrial hemp in Florida.
With your support, we will pursue these important activities:
• Complete Voter's Guide for the 2012 election.
• Work with Governor's office to address special needs of patients in Florida.
• Participate in state and federal efforts to remove cannabis from Schedule 1 listing in the Controlled Substance Act.
• Pursue leadership workshops in targeted areas in Florida.
• Pass resolutions at the county and city level supporting safe access to therapeutic cannabis.
• Host an educational workshop for members of the Senate Health and Human Services committee.
• Shepard cannabis bills through the Florida House and Senate February - May of 2013.
• Produce public awareness events and festivals to spur the discussion in the media.
• Co-host the Patient Out of Time conference in Florida in 2014.