Jury nullification refers to a jurors duty to judge the law as well as the defendant in their role as a juror. It's a powerful tool citizens have to protect themselves and their neighbors from abuse of power by government.
Jury Nullification 3-fold Pamphlet (.pdf)
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If you believe direct, in-their-face action is the way to make sure people know it is time to reform cannabis laws, you are not alone. Here are a number of direct actions you can take to help raise public awareness, change minds about cannabis prohibition and in fact, help change cannabis laws in a very real way!
Jury Nullification
Petition for Redress
The First Amendment gives citizens the right to petition the Government to change the laws. In Florida, our petition process allows citizens to amend the Florida Constitution. You can participate in the campaign to put protection of patients using cannabis in the constitution.
View a copy of the petition and ballot language
Legislative Meeting Handout
We devoted a whole section to meeting with lawmakers. Use this two sided handout for legislative meetings or anytime you want to help someone understand the need to reform cannabis laws.
Side 1 of Medical Handout (.pdf)
Resolutions of Support
Passing resolutions among supporting organizations is an important step in our strategy to end cannabis prohibition in Florida. Learn more about our strategy and other groups who have passed resolutions.

Download sample resolutions you can use for your organization.
Sample Resolution of National Support (.pdf)
Side 2 of Medical Handout (.pdf)
Sample Resolution Supporting Legislation (.pdf)

Removing cannabis from the designation of a Schedule 1 drug is an important step in the quest to change cannabis laws. Schedule 1 drugs have no accepted medical value, have a high propensity for abuse and cannot safely be used under modern standards of care. Learn more about the actions we can take to remove cannabis from schedule 1.

Reschedule Cannabis
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League of Cities Resolution (.pdf)
NAACP Resolution (.pdf)
CIty of South Miami Resolution (.pdf)
Democratic Women's Club Resolution (.pdf)
NOW Resolution (.pdf)
Resolution Approved by US Mayors (.pdf)
Union for Reform Judaism - Resolution on the Medicinal Use of Marijuana (.pdf)