All About Cannabis
Unless you've been following the issue, you might ask "What is all the fuss about?" Here we want to help you understand the developing science of cannabis medicine.
For decades, the only research done in the US on cannabis focused on it as a drug of abuse. In contrast, many nations have supported research into the medicinal properties of cannabis and its future applications. You may have read the many myths about cannabis.
After the passage of the first medical cannabis law in California in 1996, medical research into cannabis exploded. Today, we know the entire body has cannabinoid receptors (CB )but some areas have heavy concentrations of these receptors.
The newest data shows THC is only one of the many active ingredients in cannabis. THC, the
substance in cannabis that causes euphoria, is activated with heat. Other cannabinoids are broken down by heat. Cutting edge research leads us to believe juicing might be the best delivery system.
Cannabis helps the body in four major ways
• It helps you forget...
• It helps you sleep....
• It helps you eat....
• It protects healthy cells.
Modern cannabis researchers understand that the body not only has cannabinoid receptors throughout, we also have naturally occurring endo-cannabinoids.
After thousands of years of human use, not one death has been reported due to overdose. That is because the plant has naturally occurring modifiers that balance the effects.
There is a growing list of disorders cannabis can be used to treat. The list includes:
Motor Neuron Diseases
MS, MD, ALS, Parkinson's
Chronic Pain
AIDS related symptons
Gastro-intestinal Disorders &
Many, many more.