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The purpose of FL CAN is to generate public support for sensible cannabis policies and to assist in the implementation thereof; to provide a forum for the public to speak out on this issue of national social concern; to educate the public regarding the consequences of cannabis prohibition and to raise funds to promote these civic purposes.
If you are ready to talk to your representative here are some basics you should know......
A Guide for Medical Cannabis Activists

It is natural to feel intimidated about contacting your elected officials. But the strength and power politicians have is derived directly from their constituents. Legislators are elected to represent your views, and they appreciate hearing from their constituents.

The Basics:

Medical marijuana is just one of many issues your legislator is concerned with at any given time. Make certain that the information you are providing is direct and accurate. Never lie or provide inaccurate information. If you don't know something, be honest about it. You can always locate the correct information after the meeting and use that as an excuse to follow up in the future.

In most cases, you will have a limited amount of time to make your pitch. Keep it short, and keep it simple! It is extremely difficult to relay ten pieces of information in three minutes. It is even more difficult to comprehend ten pieces of information in three minutes. Thus, it is vital that advocates think carefully about two or three main talking points they hope to communicate - and stick to these points throughout your advocacy.

Whether you agree or disagree with your legislator it is important that you maintain some level of respect. Your goal as an advocate is to create a safe space for your legislator so that tough choices can be made with confidence. It is important that you go out of your way to be a positive resource for your legislator. Be punctual and patient.

Do's & Don'ts
Don't lie or exaggerate. Don't argue or raise your voice. Don't be rude or obnoxious.

Do Follow-Up. Be proactive and responsive. Follow up your meeting with a thank-you letter that outlines the various topics covered during the meeting, reiterates any commitments your legislator made, and includes any additional information or materials requested during the meeting. Also, you should use this opportunity to accurately communicate any information you didn't readily have available or didn't know during the course of your meeting.

More tips on legislative contacts
These tips were created by American's for Safe Access with assistance from the Cannabis Action Network
The ABCs of Citizen Advocacy