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We invited the media to The Florida Press Center to discuss our petition to reschedule cannabis in Florida and address a white paper, the Case for Recalibration crafted to dispel myths about cannabis.
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Petition to Attorney General to Reschedule Cannabis
Cannabis Laws - State of the States
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Florida Cannabis Action Network
PO Box 360653 ~ Melbourne, FL 32936
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Bio - Catherine Jordan
Cannabis in the News
Bio - Jodi James
The purpose of FL CAN is to generate public support for sensible cannabis policies and to assist in the implementation thereof; to provide a forum for the public to speak out on this issue of national social concern; to educate the public regarding the consequences of cannabis prohibition and to raise funds to promote these civic purposes.
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Organizations supporting medical Cannabis
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Listen to Jodi on WMNF Radioactivity with Rob Lorei!
When cannabis was wrongly placed in Schedule 1 of the Federal Controlled Substance Act in the 1970's, we began an odyssey that has lead to billions in wasted tax dollars, uncounted wasted lives and an untold number of people who needlessly suffered without access to a safe, effective medicine.
Pam Bondi yields to the DEA for cannabis rescheduling...
Feds say States aren't yielding to the DEA schedule...
Compassion and Common-Sense Rules in Manatee County
County Prosecutor says he can't successfully prosecute!
Charges dropped against Bob Jordan!
Reschedule Cannabis NOW!
Read the Interdepartmental Memorandum and FLCAN Press Release
Veterans Rally for Cannabis
The 100KStrong.net Project is providing a forum for veterans to discuss the implications of adding cannabis to their current therapies at VA Medical Centers as they fulfill their mission, "To enlist 100,000 veterans in the battle for equal access to cannabis." Veterans Health Administration Directive 2011-004 states, "...patients participating in State marijuana programs must not be denied VHA services."
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