Florida Cannabis Action Network is made up of a Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Staff and Volunteers all sharing a vision for sensible cannabis policies for people and the planet. These are the team leaders working together day-by-day to change cannabis policies in Florida and around the nation on behalf of FLCAN.
Mr. Bob Ohlwiler, Treasurer
- Bob understands the harm cannabis probation is causing our society. The cost of the criminal justice system, mass forced incarceration and lost opportunities are too great a burden for our state to bear.
Mr. Marshall (Tripp) Spring, Vice President
- Tripp believes that as baby-boomers age, this natural medicine provides a smart alternative to expensive and often dangerous pharmaceuticals. Medical choices should be made between a person and their health care advisor, not a legislator or police officer.
Florida Cannabis Action Network:
A Force on the Move
Mr. David McKinney, Secretary
- David, as an environmentalist, recognized the impact of growing hemp on our world. From there, a preponderance of the evidence convinced him the war on drugs was a misguided policy. Today, as the parent of two teenagers, he believes that a controlled, regulated market place and helping kids achieve a strong sense of self-esteem are important parts to keeping young people off drugs.
Mrs. Cathy Jordan, President of the Board
- Cathy has survived ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) since 1986. As a patient, Cathy benefits from the medical value of cannabis. Cathy realizes the harms associated with drug abuse and drug prohibition. She is serving as President of FLCAN, in part, to give a voice to other ALS patients.
Meet our Team
Mr. Ken Sherman, Technnology Integrator
- Ken, an individual who fits into no pigeon holes, has been in Florida since 1969, watched Apollo launches, and was in and out of Florida Tech as a Mechanical Engineering major. He is currently living on a 26' catamaran sailboat and concentrating on making the world a better place by working to change cannabis and hemp laws.
Eric Stevens, Legislative Liaison
Advisory Board
Bob Jordan, Veterans Issues
Frank Dougherty, Veterans Issues
Jeff Brown, Spiritual Outreach
John Chase, WOD Advisory
Irv Rosenfeld, Federal Campaign Advisor
Jodi James - Executive Director
- Jodi has served over 20-years on the front line of the WOD. She is an accomplished writer and speaker, project organizer and campaign strategist. Her work includes time with Florida Cannabis Action Network, Coalition Advocating Medical Cannabis, The American Cannabis Society and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Her accomplishments include two-unsuccessful runs for Florida House, placement in Marquis Who's Who of America and the 2000 Critical Resistance award for the Journey for Justice IV Texas Style.
Mr. David Jones, Communications Director
- David brings a wealth of knowledge to his postition as communications director. He graduated from Jacksonville Univ. with a degree in philosophy. He is a a certified personal life coach, training that is well-suited to helping manage volunteers across the state.
Jim Ray, Social Media Team
- Jim, as a long time libertarian & frustrated farmer, has always advocated for ALL farmers to be able to grow any plant they want to grow, so Florida CAN is a natural fit. He thinks that if the government must regulate cannabis, then the logical way to do it is like wine, while keeping in mind the potential of cannabis to help us goes far beyond just medicine/recreation; extending to food, clothing, shelter, and industry.