Online Activism
Check-in -- Share -- Change the Way We View the World
Take a Poll
Take our most recent opinion poll to help us judge and track attitudes about cannabis. By sharing your opinions and priorities through our online polls you help us develop tactics, messages and programs that work!

Join a Forum
Every newspaper and online news site has some sort of forum for readers to discuss articles and timely issues. Pick a forum, subscribe and join FLCAN in letting no ignorance go unanswered. Watch the forum for items that relate to cannabis, prohibition or one of the many disorders cannabis treats; then share what you learn on our site, through our e-mail alerts or our blog.

Write Your Own Blog
Join the team of FLCAN guest bloggers, start your own blog or sign up to blog on another popular blog. Make sure to always check your facts, cite you source and keep the posts timely to attract more readers. When blogging, use keyword tags to help others find your blog.

Like us on Facebook
Just as simple as that. If you are on Facebook, take a minute and like our pages.

Share our Facebook and Twitter posts
From time-to-time, FLCAN or one of associated groups post important information on our Facebook and Twitter sites. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, then re-tweet and share our posts.

Click and Send a Letter
Lawmakers need to hear from you whether you are registered to vote or not. Check out our pre-written, editable letters for you to choose. Find one that fits your thoughts about cannabis reforms, make some edits if you want, click and send. Our system sends it directly to your lawmaker.

Watch and Share our YouTube videos
As FLCAN and our allies create education videos, take the time to watch them. We need help changing cannabis laws. Once trained to speak out on something like drug policy, you will be well-equipped to speak out on other issues of importance to your community.

If you are not quite ready to take to the streets as a warrior activist, sit in the legislator's office or speak at a meeting about cannabis, never fear, there are lots of ways you can help FL CAN from the comfort of your home through online activism.